Grooming Services

Full Grooming Service: Nails trimmed, ears cleaned*, hair from the pads of the feet cleaned out, sanitary area trimmed (bum & groin), hydro surge bath using only premium quality dog-safe shampoos & conditioners, drying by hand with cool air dryers, hairstyle of choice**.

Bath & Tidy: Don’t want a full haircut?  We also offer bath & tidy services which includes everything listed above, except the body haircut. Dogs coming in for a bath & tidy must be in excellent coat condition.

Bath & Brush Package: Nail trimming, ear cleaning, hydro surge bath using a premium dog-safe shampoo and conditioner, drying by hand with cool air dryers and a brush out. * Heavy Shedding? Try Our Shed Control add on!

Puppy Grooming: This service is for puppies 10 weeks to 5 months. It is very important to get your new family member used to being groomed as early as possible, that’s why we have created a special grooming package just for puppies. They will get a bath with special shampoo and conditioner, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, brushing and if needed trimming the hair from around the eyes, feet and sanitary area’s. This will allow your puppy to be more comfortable and alleviate stress for all future grooming.

Please see below for a list of services that can be added on to any full grooming or bath & tidy service as well as our Stand Alone Services.

* Hair from the ears is only plucked if there is insufficient air flow to the canal, otherwise, healthy ears are not plucked.  If you have any concerns about your dog’s ear care, please speak with your veterinarian about what he/she recommends for your dog.

** Hairstyle of choice is available for dogs whose coat is in excellent condition.   We do not do “surprise” shave-downs, our stylists will communicate all options with you if your dog’s coat is tangled or matted.

Add On Services

  • Nail Grinding  – After clipping, nails are often quite sharp, add nail grinding to your groom to file down these sharp edges. A great service for lap dogs, or dogs living with hardwood or leather furniture!
  • Nail Polish – Add some flair to your pets feet with one of our many nail polish colours! See in salon for selection of colours.
  • Teeth Brushing – Help maintain those pearly whites with our teeth brushing service.
  • Blueberry Facial Treatment – This wonderful blueberry facial scrub not only leaves a delicious blueberry scent, it also helps to bright up the facial hair and help to gently and effectively remove build up from tearing.
  • Shed Control – Includes using a premium dog-safe Shed Control Shampoo and Conditioner as well as extra brushing to get out the loose coat.
  • Creative Grooming – We also offer semi-permanent colouring and temporary tattoos, as well as funky feather extensions and even Mohawks!

Stand Alone Services

  • Nail Trimming – Dogs and Cats
  • Nail Grinding
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Tidy Up – Nail trim, face and feet trim, pad and sanitary shave. A great service for in between grooms!
  • Brush Out – Keep those tangles away between grooms or help with shedding season!

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